Penny Farthing - The Farm

Penny Farthing  is situated in the Biggarsberg mountain range. ( known as the Honey Mountains to the old settlers )

The 3 000 ha game and cattle farm ranges from 1 000m to 1 500m
above sea level.

The higher parts can get snow in winter and the lower part is
Bushveld Savanna and is the home of most of the 14 species of
antelope that can be found on the farm.
The 200 bird species are spread over the total area and is a
Bird Lovers paradise. Winter nights are cold and the days are crisp. Summers are warm to hot and seldom humid.

There are two hiking trails. The Cannibal trail takes 5/6 hours
walking time and the Black Eagle trail 4 hours. Both start at the
main house and drop down to the lower part of the property.
There are shorter rambles that take approximately one hour each.
At the lower part there is a 8.5 ha dam which supplies water to the
vegetable and feed production lands. It is also the haven of
many water birds and is stocked with Florida Bass and Telapia fish.
The are two rivers flowing through the property and many
smaller dams.

All these facilities are available for visitors to explore.

A bit of history :

The property was selected in 1838 during the first punitive expedition against the Zulu king Dingaan and settled in 1847 after the republic of Natalia became a British colony. Foy is the fifth generation on the property.
The last battle to annihilate the cannibals tribes was fought on the property Circa 1829.
There are Boer war gun sights and trenches on the property and a fort dating back to the period of the Zulu wars.